Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's good to feel like everything makes sense again. The wonderful process of recording is beginning to take some shape. Most of the drums seem to be completed. We now find ourselves trying to find time to get the rest of the music in there.

Hopefully everyone has seen the clip on myspace. Sam is now notorious for getting his recording done quickly. Well actually I think he always was. You leave the studio to get a breath of fresh air and in 20 minutes another song is done. Sam is fantastic and a ball of energy. Gregg, Rich, and I are just plotting times to get as much done as possible. We hope you all have enjoyed the clip on myspace and let us know on the comments if you want more or not. We'll put more up if everyone wants some updates.

Thanks all and may your rock be triumphant...



Blogger 66Samus said...

Clay I love you man! heh

1:47 PM  

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