Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello everyone!
I completely forgot this blog even existed; sorry about that. I've noticed the most recent update was over two years ago. So let's start over!

As I posted in the forum the other day, we started recording drums for the next album. Since we never really kept a recording log for the past albums, I believe now is the time to do so. I will update this as the recording progresses, mostly for posterity and my enjoyment, but also those of you who like to keep up with things like this. For the last year or so, I've been producing lots of bands, which left me with little time for Suspyre. Now, a lot of those bands have finished their projects, which allows me to focus on this. So far about seven new songs are written, with a few more on the way.

Recording day 1:
~4:30pm: Gabe Marshall and Sam Bhoot arrive at the studio and begin setting up the drums. Gabe is playing on my Pearl Master Series kit; it's from the mid-80s and was custom ordered for this guy who, about twenty years later, no longer needed it. I heard he regretted selling it. Cymbals are a mix of Sabians and Zildjians. I'm using 15 microphones on this one (OHL, OHR, HH1, HH2, Ride, RoomL, RoomC, RoomR, SnareT, SnareB, T1, T2, T3, Kick, Aux Snare), which is the most mics I've ever used at one time. April and Andrew came by later to witness.

By the time 1am rolled around, three songs were completed (I'm going to call them C, SotC, and TDS to avoid too many spoilers), and another just needs some revisions (TFD).

I hope to begin editing and mixing these tracks this week, but things like teaching over 40 students a week and doing my free-lance composition usually get in the way.

Things will get exponentially more exciting once more layers are added to the music.
Until next time...


Blogger Marcel said...

Awesome news, Gregg! Looking forward to further updates :)

- Cello

4:35 AM  
Anonymous The Israeli Fan said...

Rock on!

Gregg, if you can, please try to document the recording session in video. Florez did it with "A gentleman's hurricane" and it came out great! This allows us to see a side we usually can't experience just by hearing the music or going to the shows.
Hope this is something you'd enjoy doing.

In any case - looking forward to your next album.
Happy recording!


3:22 PM  

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