Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm currently going through the photos that were taken a couple weeks ago by Clay's long time friends Sam and Al. This was a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot, but they did a great job. Of course, there was a lot of Photoshopping that had to be done to make us look like attractive human beings.

There we are as a six-piece. Noah Martin finished recording the bass parts and we sent him back to Atlanta, while Andrew Distabile is now our bassist, and will hopefully be playing guitar as well in the future. There are so many guitar parts that having three guitarists will really help make the live experience as good as the CD.

The recording is almost done. We recently added female vocals, courtesy of Ceara Johnson, a woman with whom Rich and I work that has a master's degree in voice. All that's left for the basic tracks is the instrumental piece, a chunk of Manipulation in Time, the rest of the interlude in Alterations, and a small part in The Singer. After we finish that, we have to do the rest of the acoustic guitars and saxophones, and then the guitar solos. This album has so many involved parts to it, so it takes so long to get it right. It's going to be really hard to play this stuff live, which makes it even more fun. Except some of these songs to start turning up on our setlists next month.

As for shows, we have three next month; make sure you order tickets from our merchandise page. Actually, the new website is going to be up this weekend; I just have to finish transferring over all the content and we have to choose what pictures we want. There is also a secret; we may be doing a short tour this autumn. Details are confidential right now as they are unconfirmed, but be prepared for something cool.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're in the process of finishing up bass parts for the new album. We've already taken Noah away from his life for a week but we only have a little more to do, so we'll send him home shortly. Everything sounds amazing; it's heavy and there are plenty of surprises. Noah even was cooperative enough to use my horrible Brice 6-string fretless on the appropriate parts.

The new website will be up shortly; the content is currently being transferred to it. New pictures are also on their way.

The album should be done by August.