Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Final Day of Drums (05/31/10):

Andrew arrived with Gabe at about 1:00pm on this hot Memorial Day. Our goal was to finish all drum tracking for the new album and get some new footage for the DVD. I gave an awkward tour of the studio, but I'm not sure we will leak that video just yet. As always, if Gabe is happy with some of the video he captured he'll post some to his YouTube channel.

After we finally finished setting up / got food, we started the beefy track, TaS. It took until almost 6:30 to get this one down, so then it was time to track the final song, C (or should I say C2; there are two songs that are currently one-word-titles that start with C). He finished that song by 6:45; obviously the easiest song on the album.

Now it's my job to edit and mix the drums, then this weekend we're planning on getting more bass. I will do some guitar recording as well, and we will leak the first song mid-June!



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