Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(07/24/10): More guitars

Andrew and I messed with more guitar sounds, and I tracked most of my parts for SotC. I realized we've been going about the guitar tracks the wrong way; I should have been using a DI box to capture the clean guitar signal, then re-amp it later once we get the perfect sound. Our philosophy on this album was to complete one song, then make any changes in sound and re-track the parts whose sounds were significantly altered. If we had a clean track for everything, we could have just re-amped it all instead of re-doing the parts. I'm currently looking for a deal on the Radial Re-amp kit. Once I get that, guitars will move much quicker.

We have some shows coming up in September, so I've been polishing up the old songs and learning the new ones. There's lots of notes to remember!