Thursday, May 25, 2006

We've been hard at work in the studio. Gregg and rich have been taking every free moment to record guitars, however, it does take time. Four of the tracks on the album are basically done, rbut that includes the orchestral track, intro track, and outro track. April is the only finished full song. Two more songs are in the works and tomorrow the plan is to finish the vocals on those. If we're lucky we will start vocals on a third. As everyone should know, eveything is written. We don't start recording unless we have the outline done. It will take time, but all that time will be recording so that we can give you the best album we can. Suspyre is so excited about the album and everything we do sounds awsome to us. We want it done as soon as possible. Please be patient because the wait will be worth it...I promise. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting more vocals done. Have a good one all...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Everyone should check out our Yahoo group, that we started about a year and a half ago and never really established. I put up a poll regarding everyone's favorite track on The Silvery Image, so be sure to vote, maybe it will influence our song selection for our next show.

Anyway, I've been starting to record again since the semester is winding down. The new material is so much harder than The Silvery Image; the riffs are not necessarily faster, just much more complicated. There are plenty of odd times and lots of fun with rhythms that I can't wait to hear all come together. I now have Fridays and Tuesdays off so that's when I'm going to try to get in some recording (along with lots of composition time).

My graduate comprehensive examination (the thing I need to pass in order to get my master's degree) in music theory is due tomorrow, so I'll get working on that. Everyone stay tuned for more updates!