Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recording day 2:
More drums and beginning bass

In the weeks since the last recording session, I've painstakingly been editing and mixing drums to prepare them for recording of other instruments. This is such a tedious process, as it's completely necessary to be a perfectionist in this manner. In the many hours I've spent on TDS, I've noticed that all those extra drum mics just make this situation more difficult.

Gabe and Sam arrived around 3pm today to tackle the next set of songs. As Gabe was in-between drum tracks, Sam recorded some bass for TDS; it was his first time recording with us and did a fine job. He's learning how to properly pick (can't seem to convince everyone that fingered bass always sounds better!) and how to efficiently punch in parts.

As for drums, we redid TFD, which still needs the solo section to be done, then tracked all the parts for TMMoS, which is such an epic piece.

I hope to finish editing one song soon, so Andrew and I can get guitars on there and we can leak a song mid-spring.



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