Friday, June 02, 2006

Here's some tentative release info for the new album:

A Great Divide

All compositions by Gregg Rossetti except "The Singer" by Gregg Rossetti and Rich Skibinsky

All lyrics by Clay Barton


Gregg Rossetti - Guitars, MIDI sequencing, alto/tenor saxophone, mandolin, Chapman Stick
Rich Skibinsky - Guitars, MIDI sequencing, keyboards
Sam Paulicelli - Drums, PVC pipe
Clay Barton - Lead and backing vocals

Guest musicians:

Track list:

Opus II: The Alignment of Galaxies (34:06)
I. 1. Forever the Voices (1:09)

2. The Singer (9:00)
II. 3. The Spirit (3:15)
III. 4. Galactic Backward Movements (9:50)
IV. 5. Manipulation in Time (8:46)

6. Resolution (2:06)

Opus III: The Origin of a Curse (35:26)
I. 7. April in the Fall (5:42)

8. Subliminal Delusions (6:13)
II. 9. Bending the Violet (2:31)

10. The Piano Plays At Last (6:02)
III. 11. Alterations of the Ivory (7:40)
IV. 12. Blood and Passion (7:18)

We'll update with some samples soon. There are no finalized bass parts recorded yet, but some of the songs are nearing completion in the guitars and vocals.


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