Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'll disclose some information about the new album and Suspyre. The artwork will be done by Rainer Kalwitz. He painted many great album covers in the past that you can view at his Myspace. The mastering is going to be handled by Azimuth Mastering, a place that is not only in the same country as us, but only about a thirty minute drive from the studio.

The bass parts on the album are going to be played by Noah Martin, known for his awesome work in Blood Promise/Lilitu, and Dark Empire, among others. But, since Noah lives over a two hour plane ride away, he won't be available for the upcoming concerts, so Andrew Distabile will be handling our live bass duties. Andrew, originally a guitarist and a long-time friend of our drummer Sam, is so dedicated that he pledged to put down the guitar to learn bass so he can play with us. That deserves a big \m/

The Hamilton St. Show is about 97.82% confirmed; we just have to send in the deposit. It will be on August 26th, 2006, time and price TBA. We will let you know what other bands are playing once we know.

As for recording, it's picking up quickly. The other day I had lots of fun layering saxophone parts in "Alterations of the Ivory." My tenor sax is not even a professional model; me playing that is very similar to if we played all the guitar parts on an Epiphone Les Paul or Mexican Strat (a good instrument but just could be better, y'know?). But, we got it to sound good. The alto stuff I did was another story...I love that horn (Selmer Super Action 80 Series II, 1997 model) and it was fun squealing on it and doing some quarter tone stuff too.

Also...we'll be periodically broadcasting some of our recording sessions over the webcam. Just add "suspyrewebcam" to your Yahoo! messenger and send us a message and we'll connect to you through the talk function so you can hear it. Or, you can just watch silently.

Wow, this entry was a lot longer than expected, but I think you all deserve to know what's going on! Stay tuned...



Anonymous Rose said...

Thanks for the info. Sounds like some good changes helping the band to be tighter musically. I appreciate your talent, and love having you as a friend on myspace.

1:33 PM  
Blogger MelvinSchmugmeier said...

Guys -- I saw your profile over on MySpace. I've been accumulating a list of talent prog groups and have added you guys to my list.

Great musicians typically need help to get noticed, prog is an art form that is loved by a limited number of music fans -- i'm one of them. I'm negotiating to work with a magazine and I will definitely contact you so we can review your stuff [new cd would be best]. Can't say too much about what I'm doing, but I'm doing it.

Send my a myspace message www.myspace.com/melvinschmugmeier

3:20 PM  

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